Why advertise on Lom'mok Radio Internet Radio?

Our goal is to provide your businesses with an opportunity to promote your products and services to prospective customers using audio ads that run online - called streaming audio ads.


Lom’mok Radio understands that advertising can be both costly and confusing and therefore we’ve made it as simple and affordable as possible.


Lom’mok Radio will help you reach thousands of listeners at a fraction of the cost of traditional radio, or other forms of media.

Let Lom’mok Radio work for you

To help achieve that promise, we can offer you a number of components to create a true integrated marketing solution for your business.


Streaming online since 2016. Lom’mok Radio’s, job is simply to connect our advertisers with our listeners in the most powerful and cost-effective way.


 format stations are typically a top-rated station among young Pacific Islanders adults in their respective markets we appeal to an active, engaged audience, entering the age of acquisition 

Lom’mok Radio has local, engaging, celebrity personalities that are in-touch with their target market.

If you would like more information about how Lom’mok Radio can tailor an advertising solution to meet your needs, please call us today! At 619-316-9768 or email us @ lommokradio@gmail.com

Online radio is extremely popular as nearly every radio station now offers listeners the opportunity to listen to an online “stream” of the broadcast via their computer or mobile device. Online streams often do not broadcast the same advertisements as the ones you hear over the air. This presents a unique opportunity for you to fill that gap with your streaming audio ad. Statistics show that online listeners stay tuned to the same station for longer duration, ensuring that you are speaking to a captivated audience. Your ad will not only be listened to, but be heard. We offer a variety of advertising options including; on-air, online and on location. Whatever your advertising needs are, chances are we can accommodate them.

Lom’mok Radio listeners are only one click away from an advertiser’s web site. They are online and have browser windows open. This makes it very easy to get the listener to visit the advertiser’s web site.


Lom’mok Radio listeners are a highly active group of consumers with an above average level of purchase intention.

Lom’mok Radio offer sponsors complete control over the type of ad that is used. We can work with you to produce a unique ad or you can use one that your company has already created at no addition charge for production time. With Lom’mok Radio your company gets exposure to listeners on the iTunes network, Tune In Radio Networks, Apple Store, Google Play Android mobile network and StreamItAll smart phone application among other platforms. You’ll have name and logo recognition at any live events and/or remotes to help you gain publicity and grow your brand. Your business will be able to reach thousands of households around the world per month. The demographics: age range is from 18 years old to 65 years old / 55% male; 45 % female audience. 58 % of listeners to lommokradio.com are from the USA Pacific Islanders living abroad 18 % are from Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, 8 % are from Pacific Islanders Serving in the U.S armed Services stationed elsewhere, and the remaining 16 % of the listeners come from the rest of the globe, including Australia, Pacific Island Nations, Asia such as Japan. Korea. the Philippines, New Zealand, Europe and Canada. We are adding new listeners every day and are becoming a major player in Pounding the Best Island Roots, Rock and Reggae Hit Music on our flagship station Lom’mok Radio.

Our Brands and our reach


Our station broadcast News from the Pacific, Islander events, Pacific Islander businesses and of course – Island Roots, Rock and Reggae music. 20,000 monthly unique listeners are on our stream accounting for 8 hundred monthly hours of streaming content. At any given time, thousands of people are listening to our online radio stream. You can be certain your ad will be heard by your potential customers.
Commercial spots


We offer 30 second and 60 second spot packages during any or all of our programming, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can choose to air your commercials during particular day parts, specific shows, or spaced out equally during your campaign.

Show Sponsorships


If your target audience aligns well with one or more of our programs, contact us to discuss how you can become the primary sponsor of a lommokradio.com show or block of time.

Live Remotes Streaming


We are regularly on-location providing live streaming remotes for businesses and events. If you would like to bring lommokradio.com to your business or event, please contact us and we will customize a remote package to meet your needs.